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when characters are like me: miranda

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skyrim places: misty grove

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The internet’s most beloved geek, Wil Wheaton, calls out misogyny in gaming, and confronts the men who attack him for doing so. Incredible. 

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i like boys in theory and then one gets too close to me adn im like nah

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"Now Granny Rags has told you a tale, so maybe you’ll tell it to someone else later. Change up the ending a bit if you want, hm?"

Granny Rags’ comments about Corvo Attano.

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Man could have run off and tried to get his revenge. Could have done anything he liked, high on pain medication as he clearly is. And what does he do? Go chasing down Emma Swan to show her the weird thing he found. “SWAN! SWAN! SWAN! I BROUGHT YOU A THING! LOOK! IT JIGGLES!!!!!”

Will never not amuse me. You literally did some sort of voodoo on the cuffs to get free, and instead of making a break for it, you go SEEKING OUT the woman who cuffed you in the first place.  Boyfriend, your feels are showing and you aren’t even TRYING to hide them.

I think he has a thing for getting Emma to handcuff him to things…

S4…bring back the freakin handcuffs!!!

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why do shampoo bottles weigh hardly anything but when you drop them in the shower they turn into a meteor